• Deniece Williams - Free

    A nice song of 1977 produced by Maurice White (of Earth, Wind and Fire) and Charles Stepney.


  • I've got my mind made up

    Una bellissima canzone di Burt Bacharach, il testo è stato scritto da Paul Anka. La canzone è contenuta nell'album di Burt Bacharach "Together?" del 1979 ed è cantata da Michael McDonald.

  • Love don't live here anymore

    Love Don't Live Here Anymore was written by Miles Gregory and  was produced by Norman Whitfield. The lead vocal is Gwen Dickey.

    The song is from the Rose Royce album "Rose Royce III: Strikes Again!"

  • Maggot Brain

    Free your mind and your ass will follow, sit back and relax, Maggot Brain.

    According to legend, George Clinton, under the influence of LSD, told Eddie Hazel during the recording session to imagine he had been told his mother was dead, but then learned that it was not true.

  • Move on Up

    Un pezzo anni 70 di Curtis Mayfield che vorresti ascoltare all'infinito. Come tant pezzi famosi anche per questa canzone esistono diverse cover.