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Some of tips and tricks for this great editor.


Duplicate Row

  • Copy Lines Down: Shift + Alt + down
  • Copy Lines Up: Shift + Alt + up
  • Delete Lines: Ctrl + Shift + k

 Move Line up and down

  • Alt + up
  • Alt + down

Vertical Selection

  • Ctrl + Alt + Down
  • Shift + Alt + Mouse 

Comment  /*  */

  • Shift + Alt + a


Country Language

  • Run the Code program with the parameter --locale=xx
  • Exampe: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft VS Code\Code.exe" --locale=en


Navigate the code already visited

  • Back: Alt + Left
  • Forwared: Alt + right

EMMET tab-key

if does not works tab to expand stuff emmet like div#myid>h3>ul>li*7 ... would be expansed to
<div id="myid">
  • Open the preferences and  set triggerExpansionOnTab=true


Folders (windows)

  • %appdata%\Code


Settings Folders/Files Path (windows)

  • %appdata%\Code\User
    • settings.json
    • keybindings.json
    • local.json
    • workspaceStorage
    • Snippets
  • %userprofile%\.vscode
    • Extensions

VS Code copy Settings and Extensions to another PC

In order to copy the config I used to do the following:

- New clean VS Code installation

- Copy all files from %appdata%\Code\User

- Copy all files from %userprofile%\.vscode\Extensions

note: settings and extensions are compatible between Windows and Linux.






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